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I became a micro-pigmentation artist ( Tattoo artist ) in 1997. At the time there was only one technique for eyebrows. There were no fancy tools for measuring and drawing eyebrows. We had to draw the client’s eyebrows with a regular eyebrow pencil and it was very difficult to draw both eyebrows the same shape and size. However, I did my best given the lack of tools, because it was my passion. At the time we had to practice on banana peel. At the time there was no latex or artificial skin to practice on. There was no certificate or courses to learn from, we had to learn through trial and error. Even though not many people knew about permanent makeup, I kept learning and experimenting. I love working closely with people and helping them. Throughout the years, my experience attention to details, and setting the highest standard of quality is the reason why I have mostly relied on word of mouth marketing.


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